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Optimizing Address-based Sample Outreach: Findings from a Late-Stage Contacting Experiment

Katie Johnson, Research Methodologist at NORC, presented on an EPOP:2023 data collection methods experiment at the 2023 Midwest Association for Public Opinion Research (MAPOR) Conference. The controlled experiment compared the impact of sending a text message versus a USPS postcard to the control treatment in increasing survey response.

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Characteristics of Gig Workers in the US: Evidence from the EPOP Survey

Quentin Brummet, EPOP Principal Investigator, gave this presentation to the Outsourcing Research Network Workshop at the Harris School, University of Chicago.

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EPOP in Indiana: Reports and Data

NORC conducted the Entrepreneurship in the Population: Indiana (EPOP-IN) project on behalf of the Central Indiana Corporate Partnership (CICP).  The project included both quantitative and qualitative data collection.  EPOP-IN produced these reports and data:

  • EPOP-IN Release Research Brief
    This brief provides a profile of entrepreneurship activities in Indiana.  Also, the brief focuses on major challenges facing current and former entrepreneurs and those planning to start a business in Indiana.
  • EPOP-IN Summary Findings Report
    This comprehensive report describes the survey methodology, key findings on a wide range of measures, and provides detailed data tables by survey item.
  • EPOP-IN Qualitative Research Report
    This report presents the qualitative findings from a series of focus groups and stakeholder interviews with Indiana entrepreneurs.
  • EPOP-IN Methodology Report
    This report describes the quantitative and qualitative data collection methods including the survey sample design, survey instrument, data collection process, data processing, and other research methods implemented.
  • EPOP-IN PUF Data and Documentation
    Public use files (PUFs) of the survey data and data user documentation (including the questionnaire, a codebook, and data user guide) are available in this download.  
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Data Dive Webinar on EPOP 2022 Findings

On 10/27/22 the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation hosted a webinar “Data Dive: Year 1 Findings from the NORC Entrepreneurship in the Population Survey.”

The webinar focused on the EPOP Survey data release and initial findings from this new nationally representative survey.  NORC experts discussed entrepreneurship measures useful to both researchers and policymakers.  The Data Dive launched the conversation on using EPOP Survey data to gain a deeper understanding of the complex entrepreneurial pathways at national, state, and local levels. 

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A Profile on U.S. Business Owners: Examining Trends by Gender and Racial Identities

A new NORC research brief “A Profile on U.S. Business Owners: Examining Trends by Gender and Racial Identities” highlights the rising diversity in this population.  Based on EPOP:2022 Survey data, this report shows greater levels of diversity among business owners who opened their businesses in recent years.  Non-Hispanic Black women and Hispanic individuals (men and women) are becoming business owners at significantly higher rates than in the past (since 2020).  Furthermore, EPOP data indicates that the number of non-Hispanic Black female business owners will continue to grow.  

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